Treasure maps 'n fallen trees
You're crazy and

I'm out of my mind


Just my place to post and get rid of the world

I'm called Jeroen (Jaroon, more or less), 20 years old and studying biochem & biotech. I once went on Erasmus . This blog contains a whole variety of fandoms, personal shit and nsfw posts.

And one thing you might need to know is that my timing is really bad.

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My Tumblr Crushes:

♫ lollipopgabriel
♪ thatvulcanfangirl
♫ gay-mania
♪ untublurdeestos
♫ girlwith1oneeye
♪ time-lords
♫ degenezijde
♪ loveisbutamystery

Not a real surprise ;)

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